Weddings are a special time in your life. Let us help you make a day to remember. We pride ourselves in taking that extra step and exceed your highest expectations. Our make up line is world renowned. Our team of professional make up artists will help you coordinate your make up to best suit your skin tones and your dress. If you have a style in mind that needs perfecting or are looking for an idea, you can rest assured you will look your absolute best.

What is airbrush makeup?

Only until now, this technique has been used on film actors, fashion models and TV personalities. Everyone should have flawless complexions, thanks to this revolutionary new makeup technique of the 21st century!

Besides being the director of M Spa, Marisa Trimble is one of San Antonio's most sought after makeup artists and is a licensed esthetician in the state of Texas. It's an entirely new way to apply color to skin. It sprays a gentle mist of air and the colors can be blended and mixed to look incredibly natural.

Airbrush makeup minimizes skin imperfections, while still giving a beautiful looking result. It's airbrush with a smooth mist. This is the cosmetic industry breakthrough of spray-on coverage and results that really cannot be achieved with conventional makeup techniques. It's four times faster than the old-fashioned way, and it can last for more than twelve hours.

This airbrush makeup is so natural looking that it can easily be sprayed on without the appearance of heavy, powdery makeup. It does not rub off or transfer, and does not clog pores or glands of the skin. It is hypoallergenic, 80% water and alcohol-free.

One quick pass gives an ultra sheer coverage, letting the natural skin tones show through. Colors are quick drying and can be layered to cover fine lines, spider veins and age spots. Even tattoos and skin conditions such as birthmarks and burns vanish with airbrush makeup.

Since airbrush makeup is oil-free, the result is a natural look. It is touch-free sanitary, and very gentle and relaxing.

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