Welcome to M Spa. When you're looking for health and beauty treatments, we can redefine your image with style, precision and class.

Widely recognized as a premier spa destination, M Spa offers a complete range of services, including exotic fruit peels, face and body waxing, hair design, extensions and color, massages, reflexology, manicures, pedicures, personal training, spa parties, microdermabrasion, botox, facials, teeth whitening, makeup lessons, airbrush makeup and eyelash extensions.

Your health and beauty always reflects your internal state of being and wellness, it is the mirror of your emotions. Our experienced specialists will recommend your most beneficial treatments and home care regimens in order to improve your health and beauty. 

Exotic Fruit Peels
These 30 minute treatments designed specifically to your skin type will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Perfect treatment for the client on the go.

Face & Body Waxing
These treatments remove hair from your skin. Will reduce growth and help to prevent irritation.

Design, extension and color treatments for that most noticeable area.

Therapeutic deep massage treatments that are specifically designed for special muscle tension needs.

This incredible, relaxing system focuses on hands and feet, while stimulating the entire body. 

For a "new you". This package includes a private consultation, new hair color and style, celebrity teeth whitening, airbrush makeup and glamour lashes. 

Glamour Quickies
These ultra quick treatments are the anecdote for most glamour needs. These microdermabrasion, massage, polish, lash and brow treatments provide quick glamour.

Therapeutic treatments using special blends of sea salt, paraffin and polish.
Personal Training
Work out with our professional personal trainer. Call now for a private consultation. 
Spa Parties
Customize your spa day with friends or that special someone! Spa nights are available. Call for reservations. 
* Red Carpet Facial
* Microdermabrasion
* Tropical Pedicure
* Botox/Radiance
* Personalized Body Massage
* Professional Personal Training
* Hair Artistry

Skin Therapy
These incredible treatments renew surface skin by dissolving dead skin cells and creating a silky smooth skin texture.

Oxygen Facial
A relaxing facial breeze with vitamins, antioxidants and deep moisturizers to revive your skin.

Meet with our medical physician for a private consultation. 

"You will be delighted with your results. I look forward to your visit!"
-- Marisa Trimble, Spa Director